Bravo Working Dog Rescue, sometimes even a hero needs help

Created by Debbie Connolly of SafePets UK to offer rehabilitation and rescue to the many retiring working dogs from Police, Security and others.  SafePets has for many years offered this ad hoc, but an increase in the number of dogs has necessitated a  dedicated rescue.

We’d all like to think that dogs working to protect us, our kids and workplaces retire happily with their handler.  Whilst this does often happen, it sometimes doesn’t and dogs with high drive and working training can’t make the transition easily back into a pet life.  Our work offers help to make this transition possible.

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Become a Dog Handler

poppy1_smallThe world of security dogs used to be something populated by sad macho men with aggressive dogs.  These days it is a profession producing dogs and handlers on a par with Police dog handlers.  Having recently been involved with the Security Dog working Trials, I was impressed at the standard of dog work, professionalism and overall attitude.  If you are considering a career in dog handling or want to add it to your current security industry licence, here’s some course advice. Continue reading

Mod, Police and other Working Dogs put to sleep

German ShepherdThe recent coverage in the Daily Mail has again prompted discussion on what happens to the dogs that keep us safe when they become ill or retire.  The rose tinted version of a dog living its life out by the fireside of its handler is far from the truth.  I am writing this as the founder of Bravo Working Dog Rescue and as someone who has worked alongside working handlers and rescued these dogs for years. Continue reading

MoD destroys dogs

This story illustrates why Bravo was started.  The Police, security and MoD regularly put to sleep dogs at the end of their working lives or rehome badly.  With the exception of one company, 1st Reaction Security in Northants. not one company has offered dogs willingly or a single donation,

Handlers call begging us to retrain their dog and rehome it when they can’t keep it or when their employer is insisting that the dog is put to sleep.  Rarely we can persuade the company to give the dog up, mainly these dogs die.

Consider what happens to the dogs that keep your town safe, that protect your workplace, find your burglar or your lost kids, find the drugs that kill your friends, family and colleagues.  We owe them and they deserve a chance.

This sort of thing is why Bravo was started. I get handlers begging me to take dogs whilst their bosses insist on putting them down. These dogs make our world safe, find our lost loved ones, protect our person, property and work places, hunt our criminals and yet many die at the end of service. We struggle to fund this specialist rehab that helps dogs into and out of working lives whilst none of the industry, with the notable exception of 1st Reaction Security Ltd offer dogs willingly or send even the smallest donation. You should wonder where the dogs that help you end up.


The Dog News Show videos and Podcasts

The Dog News Show podcasts is a weekly look at the world dog news stories.  An often candid, funny, informative version hosted by Debbie Connolly (Bravo and SafePets Founder) and Julie Hill (DogCast Radio).

We recently made the first filmed version, Episode 42

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The Dog News Show

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Thanks to Burns and Petlife

Our sincere thanks to Burns Pet Nutrition for their generous gift of Lamb and maize complete food and sachets from the new Penlan Farm range.

A premium quality food we have recommended for many cats and dogs is a must to give your cat or dog the best in nutrition and health.


In addition, thanks to Petlife for their donation of Vetbed for the dogs.  This original, quality product will keep our dogs dry and warm.


Bravo and Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV (Cesar Millan Show comment)

In case you missed it, Debbie Connolly, Bravo founder, appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show yesterday.  When interviewed by Alan, in a segment about the types of behaviour therapy available for animals, the agreed question about Bravo didn’t seem to be coming, so Debbie did it herself! Continue reading